My name is Liz Tooby and I’m an occupational therapist working with the Torbay and Southern Devon Health and Care NHS Trust, We are the NHS organisation responsible for providing community health services in Torbay and Southern Devon, as well as providing and commissioning (buying) adult social care in Torbay.

I first discovered Nordic Care Services when I came across their stand at a College of Occupational Therapists’ conference a few years ago. I got talking to their representative and felt immediately that this was a company whose interest was not so much in constantly trying to sell product but who had a genuine interest in offering a range of products that would significantly improve the quality of life of those who used them.

I’ve been particularly impressed with their patient lifting equipment. The Nordic Patient Turner is a good example. It makes moving a patient from one seat to another very easy and, importantly, saves the carer from the usual strain of having to lift and turn. It’s well thought out, simple and effective.

Another great product is Nordic’s satin slide sheet and the Wendylett Satin slide sheet system. Again these are simple but very effective and I now recommend these to healthcare professionals whenever the opportunity arises. So what impresses me most? It’s that combination of in depth product knowledge combined with that real wish to help and support professionals like me, and the customers themselves. I’m happy to endorse them!

Liz Tooby, OT