Nordic Care Summer Sale

The budget for care items can often be tight.  At Nordic Care we know the amazing difference the right aids and adaption’s can make to a person’s life and this is why we strive to make sure our products are affordable for all. At Nordic Care we don’t think you should have to compromise qualityRead more

Nordic Care’s Guide to Bathing

Who doesn’t love a nice warm bath to relieve aches and pains? Or maybe a long hot shower to wash away the stress of the day? For many of us the bathroom is a haven, however for people living with disabilities the bathroom can be a very different place.  A simple task such as bathingRead more

Nordic Care’s Guide to Transfer Boards.

Transfer Boards can be the ideal solution for those who need help in moving between two seated positions. At Nordic care we have over fifteen years experience in the moving and handling industry. We are passionate about providing care solutions that are time and cost effective for the carer and are supportive, safe and dignified forRead more

Nordic Care’s Guide to Sliding Sheets

At Nordic Care we have a large range of Sliding Sheets that can help enable carers to handle patients with care and ensure easy transfers. Sliding Sheets can be an essential part of care for many carers and can be invaluable for the amount of help and support they give. However, many carers can findRead more

Caring for Children: How Nordic Care Can Help

 It is estimated by Contact A Family that 800,000 children in the UK are living with disabilities. This is equal to 1 in 20. This encompasses a wide range of disabilities, from children with minor mobility issues to those that require around the clock medical care. Children with disabilities require extra support, care and attention.Read more

Give A Gift That Cares This Christmas

At Christmas time it can be hard to find the perfect present for those special people in our lives. More and more of us are getting bored of standard gift sets, which are often left to gather dust at the back of the cupboard once New Year’s rolls around. Instead we are looking for giftsRead more


Is Your House Ready To Host A Happy Holiday?

Now that we’re in December we can finally mention the C-Word….CHRISTMAS!  We love Christmas! We love Christmas lights and the Christmas decorations but most of all we love it when everyone comes together to celebrate. At Nordic Care we want to make sure people can celebrate as comfortably as possible. So before basting the turkey,Read more

Add a Splash of Colour Into Your Step

We all like to look good and add a splash of colour and personality to our outfits. Whether it’s finding the perfect shade of nail varnish to match a new dress or choosing a jacket that matches the colours of our favourite sporting teams. There are so many ways we can adjust what we wearRead more

Bed, Bath and Beyond: How Nordic Care Can Help With Home Care.

Currently the UK is facing a residential care crisis. The cost of residential care is rising. According to Paying For Care, on average you can expect to pay £29,250 a year on residential care. Worryingly this amount is set to rise and stay that way for the foreseeable future. However, these costs are only payable if youRead more