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Nordic Care’s Guide to Bathing

Nordic Care’s Guide to Bathing

Nordic Care Guide to Bath Lifts


Who doesn’t love a nice warm bath to relieve aches and pains? Or maybe a long hot shower to wash away the stress of the day? For many of us, the bathroom is a haven, however, for people living with disabilities, the bathroom can be a very different place.  A simple task such as bathing can pose a number of problems to a person living with disabilities. Mobility issues can mean that the bathroom is a difficult place to navigate and extra support is required.

Having gained the moniker “The Most Dangerous Room in the House” the bathroom certainly lives up to its reputation. The American Centre for Disease Control and Prevention reported in 2008 that over 21.8 million people sustained an accidental injury in the bathroom. With so many potential hazards care needs to be taken to avoid any slips, falls, or accidents.

At Nordic Care, we want to help make the Bathroom a safe and accessible place for all. Our ability to bath unaided is often something that is taken for granted until it is taken away. We want to ensure that as many people as possible keep their independence when bathing. We offer a variety of solutions that can aid in comfortable and easy independent bathing.

Assisted Bathing

However, we are aware that this isn’t possible for all. This is why we strive to ensure all our assisted bathing solutions maintain the dignity of the user.

Nordic Care’s Top Tips for Assisted Bathing

Bathing is often a very private matter. It is essential to maintain the persons' dignity when helping with their personal hygiene. Assisting someone bathing takes a lot of tact, care, and respect. Here are some tips that can help when assisting someone with bathing.

Communicate: Be clear and open. Make sure the person you are assisting knows what is going to happen and that they are comfortable with it. Listen to the persons' directions and always be respectful of their wishes.

Support:  Encourage the person to assist in their own bathing as much as possible.  Give them a sponge or a flannel to clean themselves. Assist in places they are unable to do themselves.

Time: Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to assist the person bathing. Be patient and try not to rush them.

Warmth: Make sure the bathroom is warm and inviting to entice the person to bath. Ensure the bath or shower water is at an appropriate temperature and that the bather is not a risk of becoming too cold or scalding themselves. Once the person is finished bathing make sure you have warm towels to hand for them to dry off in.

Prepare: Make sure you have all you need to bathe the person close. Gather soaps and shampoos so they are close at hand and ready to use. Layout clothes before bathing that the person can change into once they are finished.