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How to Use a Slide Sheet

How to Use a Slide Sheet

Nordic Care's Guide to Slide Sheets


At Nordic Care we have a large range of Slide Sheets that can help enable carers to handle patients with care and ensure easy transfers. Sliding Sheets can be an essential part of care for many carers and can be invaluable for the amount of help and support they give. However, many carers can find it difficult to find the sheet that is most suitable for those they care for. This is why we have produced Nordic Care’s Complete Guide to Sliding Sheets to help ensure you get the best possible solution for you.

What are Sliding Sheets?

Sliding Sheets are a user-friendly moving and handling solution. Slide Sheets are a carefully designed system of Base Sheets and Draw Sheets that work together to make positioning and transferring easier for users and caregivers. The sheets can be used either independently, just using a Base sheet as a mattress cover, or with assistance using a Base Sheet and Draw Sheet combined. They can be used in a variety of settings including the home, care homes, and hospitals.


Why use Sliding Sheets Systems?

There are many benefits to using Sliding Sheets for both individuals and carers. Sliding Sheets can allow individuals more independence to turn and move themselves in bed. The smooth sheets can also help minimise friction under pressure points. In turn, this can help to reduce pressure sores and shearing damage to the skin.  Sliding Sheets can also be used in conjunction with pressure-relieving mattresses, without affecting the pressure qualities of the mattress. A further benefit of the Sliding Sheets is that as the sheets stay on the bed, they enhance comfort for the user, reducing the amount of handling required to reposition, transfer or turn.

Who can Sliding Sheet systems help?

Slide Sheets are versatile and are beneficial to many. They are a great tool for people with varying degrees of mobility as they can help enhance what mobility they have. Sliding Sheets are the perfect aid for carers who need to turn, position, or move people in bed. They are also a great option for heavier users and those who may be at risk from pressure ulcers.

Sliding Sheets can also be extremely beneficial to carers as they can help reduce physical strain on the caregivers when turning and moving those they care for in bed. This can help prevent injuries. Using Sliding Sheets can save time. They may help reduce the number of carers needed to move and turn a patient.

Sliding Sheets System

There are two main components to the Slide Sheet system, Base Sheets and Draw Sheets. Base Sheets can be used alone to aid in side-to-side movement and increased mobility in bed. Draw Sheets are used alongside Base Sheets to make assisted movement easier


What does a Base Sheet do?

A Base Sheet is a cotton/polyester sheet, which is fitted on the mattress with a low friction sliding panel in the centre allowing sideways movement. The cotton edges on each side of the sheet act as a brake to stop the user from sliding off the bed whether they are lying down or sitting on the edge.  It has a non-slip surface on the underside which helps keep it in place. The person lies directly on the satin panel which reduces the friction between the bedding and nightwear, this makes turning and moving easier.

Types of Slide Sheets – Base

  • Flat Sheet–  A traditional sheet that can be tucked under the mattress.

  • Corner Sheet– A single mattress-sized flat sheet with elasticated corner straps for fitting to the mattress.

  • Fitted Sheet– Available in single and double with locking strings or elasticated fitting, for standard depth mattresses.

  • Double Bed– For a single occupant in a double bed.

  • Double Offset-The sliding surface is only on one side of the sheet for couples sharing a bed.

Draw Sheets

Draw sheets are designed to be used on top of a Base Sheet.  The user lies on top of the Draw Sheet which can then be gripped, pulled or eased using micro-movements by the carer in a variety of ways to move, reposition or provide assistance to turn a user in bed.

Types of Draw Sheets:

There are two types of Draw Sheets. The type used is dependent upon the individual user’s level of need.

2 Direction

A 2 Direction Draw Sheet works best for users who require some assistance moving in bed. 2 Direction Draw Sheets allow side to side movement on the bed and can prevent movement up and down and prevent sliding down in the bed. 2 Direction Draw Sheets can reduce shearing and friction forces. Many users find that this makes it easier to move and turn in bed.

4 Directions

4 Direction Draw Sheets are best for users who are dependent on a carer. A 4 direction Draw Sheet is a cotton sheet with a satin underside that sits on the Base Sheet and allows movement up and down and side to side. This makes turning and moving a person or positioning them much easier for the carer.

Types of Slide Sheets – Draw

  • Mid-length- These are suitable when low friction is required beneath the head, shoulders and hips

  • Full length- These are suitable when low friction is required for the entire body.

  • We also supply a wide range of draw sheets that are suitable for people with incontinence issues.