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Nordic Care’s Guide to Transfer Boards

Nordic Care’s Guide to Transfer Boards

Nordic Care's Guide to Transfer Boards

Transfer Boards can be the ideal solution for those who need help in moving between two seated positions. At Nordic care we have over fifteen years experience in the moving and handling industry. We are passionate about providing care solutions that are time and cost effective for the carer and are supportive, safe and dignified for the patient.  This is why we stock a large range of Transfer Boards as we believe they are an excellent and effective product to aid in transfers.

What is a transfer board?

A Transfer Board, also known as a slide or banana board, is a piece of moving and handling equipment that aids in moving a person from one surface to another, for example from a bed to a wheelchair or wheelchair to a toilet. It is used to bridge two surfaces for a smoother and easier transition. Transfer Boards can help people move from seat to seat or can be used to transfer a person in a supine position from bed to bed. There are also Transfer Boards that are especially designed to help position people who are seated.

How do Transfer Boards work?

Transfer Boards allow the user to move in several small movements instead of one large movement, meaning less strain is put on the user and allows them to gradually move at their own pace.  When using a transfer board the surface being transferred to should be the same height, or preferably lower than the surface the user is transferring from.  They should never be used to push or pull a person to a different surface; instead it should be used to help the user gently slide into their desired position.

Who can use Transfer Boards?

Transfer Boards should only be used if advised by a Health Care Professional. The boards can be used independently by the user or with assistance from carers. Initially most independent users require help from carers when using the board before they can use the board independently.  Transfer Boards are an ideal solution for users who have limited upper body strength.