Nordic Care Summer Sale

The budget for care items can often be tight.  At Nordic Care we know the amazing difference the right aids and adaption’s can make to a person’s life and this is why we strive to make sure our products are affordable for all. At Nordic Care we don’t think you should have to compromise quality due to price restraints, this is why we offer a range of product to suit different budgets and ensure all our products are great value for money. We strive to ensure our products are great value all year round; however we know how amazing it is to bag a bargain. This is why we are introducing Nordic Care’s Big Summer Sale! We have over 170 amazing products on offer for a limited time only. So why not take a look and see how we could help you save today.

Daily Living Aids

Little things can make a huge difference to the quality of everyday life. That is why we supply a large range of Daily Living Aids that cost as little as 99p. Ranging from our Handy Key Aid-3 Key Turner for £1.49 to our comfy and cosy electric foot warmer for £29.49. We have products that can make your day a little more comfortable. Whether you need help in the bathroom with our Complete Body Care Kit for £11.49, or help in the kitchen with our amazing range of adaptive cutlery designed to suit your needs, at Nordic Care our big summer sale has got it covered.


Now the days are getting hotter, there is nothing like a refreshing shower or a dip in the bath to cool you off. At Nordic care we know the challenges that come with bathing; this is why we have several solutions to aid with assisted and independent bathing. A popular choice is out Atlantis Stainless Steel Rotating Bath Seat With Armrests, which is a bargain at just £74.49. The Bath seat is perfect for people who enjoy bathing but struggle to lower and raising themselves in and out of the bath. The secure and comfortable seat ensures the bather is supported and its rotation means exiting the bath is made easy.

It’s not just a dip in the bath that we can help with. We have a wide range of aids that can help people have a safer and more comfortable shower, including our ever popular Multifunction Shower Stool which is currently on sale at £43.49.

For more information on how we can make the bathroom a safer place check our last blog.


Walking Aids







We know the freedom and support the right pair of crutches can give to the user. This is why we only supply sturdy high quality crutches we know will help keep you on your feet. Crutches such as our Herdegen Progress 1 and Progress 2, which are double Adjustable Crutch Elbow Crutches. Both of which are currently over  half price in our summer sale. These sturdy crutches have been ergonomically designed to ensure comfort and they are a doubly adjustable ensuring you get the best fit.

If you fancy adding a pop of colour in to your step check out our Herdegen Evolution Crutches. They come in four different colours which are sure to brighten up any day! No one loves colour more than children, this is why we also have a range of Ultra Light Coloured Children’s Crutches.  The crutches come in four fun colours. The crutches have been specially designed to suit the needs of children from the classroom and also the playground.

Interested in our colour crutches? Why not check our blog post about them.

 Moving and Handling

With over fifteen years experience in the moving and handling field, our friendly and dedicated team know the importance of using the right equipment to ensure the patient receives the best care. At Nordic Care we specialise in finding care solutions that are individually tailored to the needs to the user. We like to ensure the products that we recommend are right for the needs of the user and are not used as a one size fits all solution.  We know that at times finding the right moving and handling equipment can be costly.  This is why we are featuring several of our favourite pieces of Moving and Handling equipment in our sale. This includes our EasyGlide Transfer Board which is the perfect solution for easy parallel transfers.

All these items plus many more feature in our Big Summer Sale which you can check out Here.