Nordic Care’s Guide to Transfer Boards.

Transfer Boards can be the ideal solution for those who need help in moving between two seated positions. At Nordic care we have over fifteen years experience in the moving and handling industry. We are passionate about providing care solutions that are time and cost effective for the carer and are supportive, safe and dignified for the patient.  This is why we stock a large range of Transfer Boards as we believe they are an excellent and effective product to aid in transfers.

What is a transfer board?

A Transfer Board, also known as a slide or banana board, is a piece of moving and handling equipment that aids in moving a person from one surface to another, for example from a bed to a wheelchair or wheelchair to toilet. The Transfer Board is used to bridge two surfaces for a smoother and easier transition. Transfer Boards can help people move from seat to seat or can be used to transfer a person in a supine position from bed to bed. There are also Transfer Boards that are especially designed to help position people who are seated.

How do Transfer Boards work?

Transfer Boards allow the user to move in several small movements instead of one large movement, meaning less strain is put on the user and allows them to gradually move at their own pace .  When using a transfer board the surface being transferred to should be the same height, or preferably lower than the surface the user is transferring from.  A Transfer Board should never be used to push or pull a person to a different surface; instead it should be used to help the user gently slide into their desired position.

Who can use Transfer Boards?

Transfer Boards should only be used if advised by a Health Care Professional. The boards can be used independently by the user or with assistance from carers. Initially most independent users require help from carers when using the board before they can use the board independently.  Transfer Boards are an ideal solution for users who have limited upper body strength.

Transfer Boards by Nordic Care

 Board Wide Transfer Board with Wings

e board

A wheelchair transfer board with wings which can be bent up and down to protect the user from the wheels whilst transferring to and from a wheelchair. A wheelchair transfer board is an ideal product for a user to move easily from a chair or car to wheelchair. The boards low friction upper surface allows the user to transfer independently or with assistance. This board also comes in a long Option  .

E-Board Transfer Board


A Transfer board that allows the user to manoeuvre easily in a seated position between wheelchairs, beds, cars and commodes. It is a thin and flexible transfer board that allows easier application and removal. The user can be independent or assisted to use this product, although its light weight makes it ideal for a more independent user.

EasyGlide Rectangular Transfer Board L45 x W20cm

EasyGlide Rectangular Transfer Board (45x20cm) 1

This transfer board can be used for sitting transfers from wheelchair to bed, toilet, car seat and other seated positions. This EasyGlide rectangular transfer board is especially useful for levelling out height differences and for providing a “bridge” between short distances.

Ready Glide Transfer Board


Romedic ReadyGlide is a sliding board that has been designed to aid transfers in a seated position. For example, transfers between a bed and wheelchair or between a wheelchair and toilet. The low-friction top surface enables an easy and convenient sliding transfer and makes the sliding board easy to position and remove. Non-slip strips on the underside of this board keeps the ReadyGlide in place on the underlying surface.

EasyGlide 5045 Transfer Boards For In-Chair Positioning


EasyGlide 5045 Transfer Boards are two small oval boards. The Transfer Boards are used together to facilitate in-chair positioning. They are especially suitable for moving further back in a chair or wheelchair.  The EasyGlide 5045 Transfer Boards are conveniently small. They also have round edges, a soft and a smooth surface. The smaller size of the EasyGlide 5045 Transfer Boards makes it easier to place the sliding boards under the user’s thighs and ischium.

Dolphin Toilet Transfer Board With Wheelchair Cut-out


A sturdy and stable transfer board uniquely designed for transfer to the toilet from a wheelchair. The clever design allows the user to remain on the transfer board whilst on the toilet. This product can also be used for transfer from bed to wheelchair / shower chair or transfer between wheelchair, toilet, shower chair and commode.

Butterfly Transfer Board for Wheelchair

Butterfly Transfer Board For Wheelchair 1

A long, wide and stable transfer board with cut outs to fit the wheel of a wheelchair. This wheelchair  Transfer Board has a non slip pads on the underside to ensure a safe transfer. The Butterfly transfer board can be teamed up with a Glidewing which can be mounted onto the Butterfly transfer board for additional slide function.

3B Board Curved Transfer Board

3B Board Curved Transfer Board 1

A stable and simple  Transfer Board with the traditional curved shape that allows transfer across wider gaps. This makes it ideal for seated transfers, such as from bed to wheel chair. The board has a low friction upper surface to make independent or assisted transfer very easy. The 3B Board can be placed with the curve facing forward or backward depending on the situation and obstacles.

Need more advice?

These are just a few of the fantastic Transfer Boards that we supply. Visit our website to see the full range of Transfer Boards. If you are unsure which board would be the most suitable for your needs why not give our friendly sales team a call on 01495 723 201. We will be happy to discuss different options to suit your needs.