Sliding Sheets

Our range of sliding sheets enable carers to handle patients with care and ensures easy transfers, turning, and safe handling. Browse the full range of 2 direction and 4 direction draw sheets to fit all bed sizes as well as full sliding sheet sets. Watch the video below for more information on how to use a slide sheet:

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Satin Sheet In–Bed Systems

User friendly moving and handling solutions are critical to ensure a safe working environment.

Satin Sheets are a carefully designed system of Base (mattress cover) sheets and Draw (top) sheets that work together to make positioning and transferring easier for users and care givers. Satin Sheets can be used either independently, just using a Base mattress cover or with assistance, using a Base sheet and Draw sheet combined.

Satin Sheets can be used in a variety of settings including the home, care homes and hospitals and as an in-bed system, no application or removal of the product is required.

Why use Satin Sheet systems?

  • Designed to make moving a patient/individual in bed easier, whatever their size or mobility. Reducing strain on the caregivers back and help to prevent work related injuries.
  • They also save time and may help reduce the number or carers needed.
  • Minimise friction under pressure points, reducing pressure sores and shearing damage to the skin.
  • Meet a wide range of needs, from an independent to an entirely dependent user.
  • As the sheets stay on the bed, they enhance comfort for the user, reducing the amount of handling required to reposition, transfer or turn.
  • Satin Sheets can be placed on top of a pressure relieving mattress without affecting the pressure qualities of the mattress.

Use Satin Sheets for:

  • Users with varying degrees of mobility.
  • For heavy users or those with pain or pressure ulcers.
  • Turning in bed.
  • Positioning in bed.
  • Moving higher up the bed.

Midi Sliding Satin Base Sheet, Flat 70 (200x140cm)

The Satin Sheet System

There are two main parts to the system

  • Start with a Satin Sheet 2Direction Base sheet (mattress cover) to help make independent side to side movement easier.
  • Add a 2 Direction Draw (top) sheet to give assistance in side to side movement.
  • Add a 4 Direction Draw (top) sheet for a more dependent user who requires assistance moving side to side and up and down the bed.

Base Sheets

A Satin Sheet Base sheet is a cotton/polyester sheet with a low friction sliding panel in the centre allowing sideways movement.

The cotton edges on each side of the sheet act as a brake to stop the user sliding off the bed whether they are lying down or sitting on the edge.

The Base sheet is fitted on the mattress. It has a non slip surface on the underside which helps keep it in place.

The person lies directly on the satin panel which reduces the friction between the bedding and nightwear.

This makes turning and moving easier.

Types of Base Sheets:

Flat Sheets

  • A traditional sheet that can be tucked under the mattress.

Corner Sheet

  • A single mattress sized flat sheet with elasticated corner straps for fitting to the mattress.

Fitted Sheet

  • Available in single and double with locking strings or elasticated fitting, for standard depth mattresses.

Double Bed

  • For a single occupant in a double bed.

Double Offset

  • The sliding surface is only on one side of the sheet for couples sharing a bed. 

Draw Sheets

Satin Draw sheets are designed to be used on top of a Satin Base sheet.

They do not work without a Satin Sheet Base sheet.

The user lies on top of the Draw sheet which is strong. The Draw sheet can then be gripped,  pulled or eased using micro movements by the carer in a variety of ways (in line with good manual handling practice), to move reposition or provide assistance to turn a user in bed.

Types of Draw Sheets:

There are two types of Draw sheet. The type used is dependent upon the individual users level of need.

2 Direction

  • For users who require some assistance the Base sheet can be combined with a 2 Direction Draw sheet.
  • This is allows side to side movement on the bed and will prevent movement up and down and prevent sliding down in the bed.
  • Turning is made easier and shearing/friction forces are reduced.

4 Direction

  • For users dependent on a carer, the Base sheet can be combined with a 4 Direction Draw sheet.
  • This is a cotton sheet with a satin underside which sits on the Base sheet and allows movement up and down and side to side. It makes turning and moving a person or positioning them much easier for the carer.

Draw Sheet Sizes

Mid length

  • Used when low friction is required beneath the head, shoulders and hips

Maxi /full length

  • Used when low friction is required for the entire body.


The combination of sheets to be used should be based on a risk assessment of the users needs and abilities and those of the carer and the environment.

It is recommended that the guard rail or cot side is in place when the user is left on the in-bed system, unless a risk assessment has found that the user can be safely left without guard rail or cot side.

It is recommended that users sleeping directly on the mattress wear synthetic or polyester bed wear for easy sliding. Cotton garments can stop movement.

Washing Instructions

  • Satin Sheets are easy to wash up to 80 degrees
  • Tumble dry on a low heat only
  • Iron on a low heat
  • Do not use fabric softener or bleach

If you would like any advice or further information on any of our sliding sheets please call us on 01495 723 201