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System Romedic EasyGlide Oval Transfer Boards Mini - R5045 (pair)

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System Romedic EasyGlide Oval Transfer Boards

Why choose EasyGlide 5045 Oval Transfer Boards?

  • Comes in a small and convenient size for transport and storage
  • Quick and easy to place underneath the user, as well as being easy to remove
  • Eliminates friction - making it easier to position a user further back in chair
  • Allows active users to push themselves backwards in chair
  • Comes with a user guide on the underside - making it very easy to use
  • Can be disinfected by cleansing with alcohol after use

How do I use the EasyGlide 5045 Oval Transfer Boards?

EasyGlide 5045 transfer boards are two small oval boards. When the oval transfer boards are used together they facilitate in-chair positioning. They are especially suitable for moving further back in a chair or wheelchair.  The EasyGlide 5045 Transfer Boards are conveniently small, has round edges , a soft and a smooth surface. This makes the Easyglide 5045 boards very easy to remove and to always have close at hand. The smaller size of the EasyGlide 5045 transfer boards makes it easier to place the sliding boards under the user's thighs and ischium.

Other versions available in this range can be viewed here.

We can offer a discounted price to Health Professionals and Trade customers. Please contact us if you would like to receive a quotation for this product today.

A caregiver can also easily to place the transfer boards under the user's thighs and seat, by adding a support under the user's feet. When sitting on the transfer boards, one EasyGlide on each side, the pressure from the user's weight is distributed over the soft surface. This contributes to eliminating the friction and allows the caregiver to  assist the user in sliding backwards in the chair to a comfortable and stable seated position.

When an active user is using the EasyGlide 5045  he/she can push or shuffle herself/himself backwards in the chair into a correct and comfortable position.

EasyGlide 5045 can also be used to facilitate placing of leg supports during application of lifting slings with divided leg supports in a seated position. EasyGlide 5045  transfer boards are also useful for helping a user lie down in bed.

What are the product specifications?

  • Length: 45cm/17.7"
  • Width: 20cm/7.9"
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Maximum User Weight: 130kg/286lbs

How do I clean the EasyGlide 5045 Transfer Board?

The EasyGlide 5045 transfer boards can be cleaned with warm water or a soap solution. If disinfection is needed, 70 %ethanol, 45 % isopropanol or similar should be used.

Please do not use bleach.

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