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WendyLett 4 Way Satin Slide Sheet Set (Single Bed)

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WendyLett 4 Way Satin Slide Sheet Set comprises of both a WendyLett Base Sheet and a WendyLett Slide Sheet which provides an excellent turning system for both user and carer alike.

The set consists of:

WendyLett R1641 2Way Base Sheet:

  • Fits Bed : Single | Hospital | Community
  • Sheet Length: 200cm
  • Sheet Width: 90cm
  • Sliding Satin Surface: L200cm x W70cm

WendyLett R1637 4Way Draw Sheet:

  • Fits Bed: Single | Hospital | Community | Bariatric | Double
  • Length: 140cm x Width: 200cm
  • Satin section: Length: 140cm x Width: 148cm
  • Max User weight: 300kg/47st

We always advise you measure your bed to double check dimensions

Use this WendyLett 4 Way Satin Slide Sheet Set in order to:

  • turn the user in bed
  • position the user sideways in bed
  • position the user upwards  and downwards in bed

We can offer a discounted price to Health Professionals and Trade customers. Please contact us if you would like to receive a quotation for this product today.

WendyLett4Way is placed on top of a WendyLett base sheet. A marking tag indicates which side should be facing upwards. WendyLett4Way has an anti-friction material on the underside and the combination of these two WendyLett sheets allows for multidirectional moves in bed. Procedures such as turning in bed, moving higher up/lower in bed or re-adjusting a user while lying becomes simple to achieve with this combination, even with the heavier or passive user. The function of WendyLett4Way also makes it possible to perform gentle and comfortable transfers of users in pain.

Using Wendyletts

The base sheet has a low friction satin area on the sheet that encourages movement from side-to-side and makes turning easier. The edges of the sheets are a poly-cotton blend and will minimise movement. This allows you to slide to the edge of the bed whilst minimising the likely hood of falling.

Sliding satin base sheets come in different widths and lengths to suit different beds and uses. Using WendyLett, for small transfers and turning and positioning of users in bed can be performed without friction and shearing damage of the skin of the user.

The sheets are made of a very fine material and can favourably be placed on top of a pressure-relieving mattress. This can be done without compromising the pressure-relieving properties of the mattress. In order to provide the user with maximum comfort, there are no seams across the sheets . Also the joint seams of different functional materials are very flat and low.

The colours and patterns of the fabric in the WendyLett sliding and draw sheets are designed to indicate the function of the sheet and thereby also the needs of the user. White and grey stripes and checked patterns communicate in which direction sliding is assisted and how the sheet should be used. When you need more help or the person you are caring for requires some assistance to turn or move in bed the base sheet can be combined with a draw sheet.

The draw sheet will further reduce friction and can enable a single carer to turn or move even a heavier user with minimal effort.


The WendyLett sheets are made of a mixed material fabric. Wonderful, smooth cotton provides for comfort while strong and smart polyester ensures functionality and durability.

How do I wash the Sliding Satin Sheet?
  • All sheets in this range, can be washed up to 90ºC without fabric softener.
  • Can be tumble dried on a high heat, and ironed on low heat.
  • Do not dry clean or bleach.
  • A cool iron will help will improve the slide function.
WendyLett laundry data

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