Across the UK there are roughly 6.5 million carers supporting a loved one.

A carer is anyone who cares, paid as their job or unpaid, for a friend, family member or client, who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction cannot cope without their support.

Each carer’s experience is unique to their individual circumstances. Someone in their seventies who cares for their spouse with severe dementia is a carer. A teenager who offers emotional support and helps to keep the household running as and when the fluctuating nature of their parent’s mental and physical health requires it — is also a carer.

There is often a distinction made between a full-time or part-time carer, but there is not a minimum time requirement or age restriction that “qualifies” someone as being more or less of a carer.

There are various reasons for someone taking on caring responsibilities. These can include: Serious physical illness, long-term physical disability, long-term neurological conditions, mental health problems, dementia, addiction or learning difficulties.

Carers fulfil a wide variety of tasks. These can include practical household tasks such as; cooking, cleaning, washing up, ironing and financial management. Also personal care such as; bathing, dressing, lifting, administering medication, collecting prescriptions and giving emotional support by listening and offering advice and friendship.

At Nordic Care an important aspect of our role is supplying assistive devices and independent living aids that will help carers with their day to day caring. We offer advice, information, and continued support to assist caregivers through a range of products including:

  • Toileting and Commodes.
  • Hoists and Slings.
  • Aids for Walking.
  • Sliding and Satin Sheets.
  • Bath Boards and seats.
  • Patient Turning Platforms.
  • Positioning Cushions.

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